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London, behotches [Oct. 26th, 2004|05:34 pm]
[Current Mood |naughtynaughty]
[Current Music |The Used]

Hey everyone, just thought i would check in on you. London is awesome. Its probably double the size of plattsburgh. maybe bigger, i dunno. People talk funny here and the news is only concerned about the soccer player David Beckham, and Posh Spice (shes had all kinds of surgery and is hotter now) they are seriously on the front cover of the paper everyday along with cartoons making fun of W. Bush. I'm training for the Nike 10K here which is gonna be at night so that should be cool. I'm training with a funny little english kid on the nike team that runs a 1:51 800 so he's quick-like. Hopefully after training with him I will still be quicker than all you biiiitches, I know your all frightened of me after my display at the cardinal classic,(i was coming off pnemonia byb the by) especially that character matt deshane. word on the london streets is hes been running some speedy times. anyway, still missing my homies in pburgh and cant wait to get naked with them again (disappointingly, people here are not as open to stu's nakedness, even tho there is naked girls on the public channels all the time. plus its cold all the time and im not as flattering here as i am in a well heated area if ya know what i mean). alright peoples, drop me a line and maybe i will steal you a cool pint glass or something. if not i will see you in jan when im running straight past you biiiitches. fer shizzle. Stu.